Beam Tour FAQ

Here is a list of Event Presence CES® Teleprence Tour FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Should you need more information, please contact [email protected] or call +1 888-696-9555DSC_6636

Why should I choose a Event Presence CES Tour?

If you can’t physically travel to CES, the next best thing is to experience CES via our mobile telepresence device called the Beam. Best of all, you can experience CES and Las Vegas on a Beam from anywhere in the world!

Since 2013, thousands of executives have utilized the Beam. Within fortune 500 companies , on the show floor or on stage, the Beam is the gold standard collaboration tool for people that get it done. Back to top.

What is a Beam?

A Beam stands 5’ft 3″, weighs about 100 lbs. A Beam combines mobility with video conferencing to create an immersive communication experience anywhere conversation takes place.

Who is Event Presence?

Event Presence is focused on deploying the ultimate mobile telepresence device the Beam at events worldwide. Back to top.

Who leads Event Presence tours?

We believe that the Event Presence Telepresence Tour guides are best in the business and are led by talented and informed industry leaders. Back to top.

Who plans the Event Presence CES Tours?

Event Presence Telepresence Tours at CES and at other events are created by Event Presence. We have support from technology experts and C-level executives from around the world. Back to top.

How do you choose products and services for inclusion in a Event Presence CES Tour?

We choose products and services based on relevance, engineering, design, function, value, price, potential popularity, potential to augment, enhance or change consumer behavior, usefulness and market leadership. We are not compensated for featuring any exhibit or product on our tours. Products and services must meet our stated criteria for inclusion. Back to top.

How can I get my product or service included in a Event Presence CES Tour?

If you are interested in having your exhibit featured in one of our 2019 CES Telepresence Tours, please click here to submit your exhibitor information .

If your products or services are selected, a representative from our CES Team will contact you. If your information has a PR embargo or requires an NDA, please email your requirements to: [email protected]

Please note: Submitting your information does not in any way obligate us to include your exhibit in any of our CES material or tours. Back to top.

Our Opinion, That’s a Fact!

All opinions expressed on our tours are solely those of our tour guides and exhibitors that are included on our telepresence tours. Their opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Event Presence, and may have been previously disseminated by Event Presence on television, radio, internet or another medium. Our opinions are based upon information we consider reliable, but neither Event Presence nor its affiliates warrant its completeness or accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such. Event Presence, our tour guides and/or subsidiaries or affiliates are not under any obligation to update or correct any information provided. Event Presence’s statements and opinions and those of our tour guides are subject to change without notice. No part of our compensation is related to the specific opinions expressed.Back to top.

How long has the Event Presence team been doing tours?

Event Presence is on the telepresence forefront and is the sister company of Suitable Technologies the manufacturer of the Beam. Our telepresence capabilities and the Beam have been utilized in events around the world since 2013.

Since CES 2012 executives, press and thought leaders from around the world maximized their time at the show on the Beam.

We offer deep-knowledge subject matter expertise to Fortune 500 companies with a special emphasis on digital and social media and software. Back to top.

Are translators available?

Absolutely! We can provide translators for almost every language. Just ask. Back to top.

Why should I take a Telepresence Tour at CES?

CES is big and crowded. There is an overwhelming amount of information to sort through and an exceptionally large geographic footprint. Our telepresence tours make CES smaller and more manageable. When your tour is over, you are safe and relaxed at your home or headquarters. The Event Presence CES Tours have been created to help you maximize your time to experience CES like never before. In addition, this year we will include special “Beam in” locations around Las Vegas to allow you to experience how business is conducted away from the show floor. Back to top.

Who produces the tours?

Event Presence coordinates with the selected exhibitors on the tour and produces the tours. You as a VIP (Virtual in Person) attendee, have the opportunity to be a cherished participate in this exciting event. Back to top.

What will I experience on the tour?

Our friendly and knowledgeable guides along with specific company representatives will welcome the Beams with you on a 1 ½- to 2-hour tour of the Tech East, Tech West and into places only a Beams can go in Las Vegas!

  • Tech East Tours (Las Vegas Convention Center) will showcase innovative technology from today’s top categories (North Hall, Central Hall, and South Hall and LVH)
  • Tech West Tours (Sands) will feature companies and innovations shaping the future.
  • Premiere and fun locations around Las Vegas that will be the talk of town with you there!

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What tours do you offer?

Event Presence CES Telepresence Tour: The Beam with you will be piloted to predetermined exhibits with a knowledgeable Event Presence expert. You will be guided through thoughtfully curated exhibits and tour stops in Tech East or Tech West featuring innovative technologies from today’s top categories. You’ll see key technologies and innovations, and hear expert insights and descriptions from our our team of industry thought leaders.

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How long are the Floor Tours?

Each tour is approximately two hours. Back to top.

How do I sign up for a CES Floor Tour?

Click here, to sign up for a Tour.

What is the cost of a CES Floor Tour?

  • Event Presence CES Telepresence Tour: $99 per Beam Co-Pilot.
  • Event Presence CES Telepresence Tour: $19 per Beam Passengers.

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What do the CES Floor Tours Include?

  • Small Groups on each Beam led by Expert Tour Guides
  • Select discount certificates and coupons for the products you’ll experience

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Who can I contact for more information?

[email protected] or call +1-888-696-9555. Back to top.


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